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Recipes for facilitating Wellbeing in others and CPD topics:

Mindfulness as a means of improving your professional skills - getting the best from people and giving them the best of you.


Milestones - meeting people where they are - that first step of achieving the receptivity to change and finding the courage to improve the quality of their lives requires mirroring people through creativity and Mindfulness.


Exploring character and its relationship to child development / attachment and the enormous value of replicating it in all professional interactions.


Restoring Wonder, Curiosity and the Will to learn and grow  through creative expression,


Getting people back in tune with themselves and their ambitions and dreams - empowering them to achieve their dreams, ambitions and potential. So many find themselves paralysed by fear, apathy and a sense of powerlessness which creates hopelessness.  There is a recipe switch this off.


The Seasons of a Lifetime - what is needed, and when, in the cycle of life?  As our society increases in age, the role of the elder becomes more important.  Converting one's own experience into wisdom to be expressed and shared shifts the current balance of power.  Grass root power when combined with social networking actually attracts the attention of politicians.  


Burn out - how to identify it  personally, and at an organisational level, to develop prevention policies against disheartenment.  - loosening the logjam reducing costly human error. Creating a visible reminder to accept our limits makes space for a better quality of life.


When things go wrong - recovery, repair and rebalancing the heart and the head through creative expression is liberating. 


Containment  as the missing link - the limbic system is the key to developing self awareness and switching off the "flight/fight reflex" of the reptilian brain.   


The crucial role of teamwork - it takes a functioning team to persuade people damaged by the system to replace the old story of hopelessness with a more productive and hopeful one.  Changing one person in a group dynamic makes space for the whole system to upgrade.

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