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Mindfulness is a safe, altered state, that everyone can learn which, whilst we can describe in words, only reveals its magic experientially.





  • restores your personal power to choose;

  • allows us to slow down; turn within and gather information about who we are and how we relate to the worlds both internal and external;

  • brings us to the body/mind/spirit interface where we can develop the ability to be curious and notice;

  • is scientifically proven to lower the "Fight/Flight" amygdalla activity in the brain - creating space to understand how our beliefs have been framed and, importantly, how to change them;

  • unifies all the wisdom acquired over the entire journey of Evolution and more.... By activating the pre-frontal cerebal cortex and pineal gland, then establishing neural pathways to the creative imagination, we are able to imagine a better way;

  • allows us then to express this creatively, grounding it sufficiently to go on to develop CBT methods to support change.


Mindfulness, essentially, is a synthesis of the Buddhist practise of Vipassana and Gendlins's Focusing Technique which provides a safe-enough container to welcome all that neuroscience now offers.  It transforms the old, often perjorative, label of "psychosomatic" into the new scientific field of psychoimmunoendocrinolology which allows us to understand how our brains work and the impact this has on our physical, mental and spiritual well being.


Mindfulness courses are run on a very regular basis and are individually tailored to suit your requirements.

Please contact us for details.



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