Who are we?

The Creative Directors & Consultant Affiliates


Annie Lloyd Is an accredited trainer, supervisor, facilitator and artist. She has taught psychotherapy for over 25years, specialising in Mindfulness, Body-Centred and Trauma treatment integrating the relevance of neuroscience. Her current research is developing specific methods  of working with children who have been taken into Care and then adopted and their families.  Annie's installation artwork helps people lower their stress levels and find solutions for their emotional challenges.


Katrina Lloyd Cole is a talented digital artist who uses a broad spectrum of naturalistic themes within her work.   As a Creative Artistic Director, and as a past Chair of ArtsNorthNorfolk and now Chairman of the charity CoastArts, she has been involved in a range of youth and adult based community theatre and development projects.  She provides accomplished project management and logistic solutions.   Katrina has essential experience in Patient Advocate skills, covering palliative needs and necessities.


Coralie Mansfield has over 23 years experience as a teacher and family learning practitioner and independent adult tutor working for an array of local authorities. She has always had a great interest in spirituality and visual arts often combining the two in facilitating workshops and retreats all over the world. Her GaiaGlass Studio was set up in 1997. Coralie was ordained as an Anglican priest for the Oxford Diocese in 2012 and continues to work as a freelance artist and

therapeutic practitioner at hospices and on a variety of church community projects. Coralie has recently accepted the part time position of parish priest for Sherington with Chicheley&,Astwood and continues to work extensively with her facilitation and teaching.

Olivia Mansfield 's  affiliation with Art is Medicine comes from a long term relationship formed between its founder, Annie Lloyd and her mother, Coralie Mansfield. 

Olivia believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience and develop their own artistic vision through creative thinking and practice.  

Her workshops are about guiding people to realise their own creative potential though different mediums and techniques. She aims always to be encouraging a passion for learning within the arts as a whole, providing platforms where exploring the possibilities of what can be achieved with creativity becomes accessible for all. 

Olivia Mansfield's paintings are figments of fantastical imaginary worlds situated within realms which allude to our own existence. The imagery she uses comprises unravelling narratives which display splayed visions and altered expressions of the world around us. Themes stemming from theological backgrounds have direct imagery taken from the Book of Genesis and the Book of Revelations.

She attempts to create a new space and time within the painting, asking the audience to question what they see and where they are seeing it from. Reference to land mass, ancient civilisations and past times both guides and allows you to recognise or to believe that life, humanity, creation, death and destruction have occurred. Time is lapsed and distorted with monumental symbolism, the landscapes create a discourse which encompasses theory, fact and fiction all linked with the apocalyptic force of nature itself. Stories of myth and legend play a huge part in how she builds her worlds in paint.

Sally Storr 's educational background (BSc Psychology and MA Counselling) is combined with thirty years of business experience in different contexts, mainly in the Public Sector, including Judge Business School, The Open University and The World Health Organization.

Having lived in Switzerland and France for many years, Sally has a knowledge of multi-cultural communities which informs her own world view. She enjoys the challenge of change, but also has a deep understanding of the potential stress and anxiety which can inhibit change in people’s lives.

Her own life experience as well as her training provides her with the tools needed to walk alongside you at times of need and provide useful insights, which will allow you to adapt your behaviour and possibly your lifestyle.

Sally is a graduate member of the British Psychological society, registered member of BACP and a member of AICTP.

What do we offer?


We are a consortium of professional artists, therapists, and developers  from diverse backgrounds who have all worked within 

both artistic and community settings.


We are effective, skilled and caring professionals who deliver high level quality experiences for a range of people within different and demanding circumstances.


We offer participants - whether professionals, patients or clients - a range of creative and practical solutions to their specific needs and desired outcomes.  


How do we do it?


We design individual projects which combine the creative with well-researched, stress management techniques, Mindfulness and the most recent advances in neuroscience. Each is underpinned by the team's sound craft skills.  

These, in turn, are in tune with current policital guidelines in the area of social enterprise.



We create environments and projects with the intention of making a positive and self-sustaining difference for individuals and communities.


We can offer secure environments and residential facilities with our main residence at The Turning Point based in North Norfolk.

The Team & Associates

As a consortium we work together to bring about real change and have access to a huge number of other professionals and consultants whom can be called upon to participate in any kind of project and who we call our friends. Their proven abilities to work together with us all as members of our collaborative team, ensures a symbiotic, site specific and original outcome.

Here are just a few -

Christina Barnett is a professional organizer and Life Style Support developer. "Chrissey " helps people find a balance in their lives by re organizing the space which they inhabit to reflect and enhance both their physical and mental health. Her attention to detail is superb and her ability to respond in a flexible way to different and challenging situations is very encouraging for her clients.

JackieWinstanley- is an extraordinarily gifted and capable administrator who has vision and superb abilities to find solutions. She can also seamlessly provide "options" which no-one else would have thought of!!
Jackie is fun and a real joy to work with and we are very grateful that she has agreed to join our team.

Joel Goodings - We are so very grateful that we have found Joel  and that he is part of the ArtIsMedicine project.  His unbelievably understanding and relationship with the earth and landscape and all its living beings is utterly unique. We are so lucky to have him on board!!

Clive Conley- We are delighted to welcome Clive to the ArtIsMedicine community. His love of the earth and all it has to offer; the way in which he relates to nature and his fervant belief that this planet can be saved has made us realise that we have another compadre willing to work with us!


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