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Testimonials - Annie Lloyd

"Annie is a highly skilled therapist and facilitator with a phenomenal ability to work both confidently and subtly with how our body memory influences our awareness and well-being.    She is a wise, sensitive and highly instinctive practitioner with years of experience in 'midwifing' profound body-based healing and growth."

Angela McCormack

UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, MBACP

Supervisor, Trainer & Independent Consultant

07814 639 439



"I have worked with Annie as supervisor and facilitator for many years now.   I have experienced her as authentic, grounded, centred and role modelling the essence of living in the world in the present moment through the body, mind, soul and spirit - feeling, thinking, intuition, sensation and beyond.   Annie comes from an  'And - And' place rather than 'Either - Or'.   Brave and Courageous are qualities I also associate with Annie.

Nicole Marais M.A., Dip.Psych UKCP MBACP Psychotherapist - Counsellor - Coach




"I have enjoyed working with Annie as supervisor and facilitator.   "Annie Magic" is what comes to me when I write about Annie.

She has a wonderful presence: works with real compassion and authority in the present, and offers the gift of herself to the world, with a wealth of knowledge and experience of healing and unravelling one's spiritual potential.

Karim Hirani




"Thank you for a year of insight and of growth" - Supervised Psychotherapist


"I was awake last week...this week I'm ALIVE" - Client aged 16 years

"Why didn't we meet you 15 years ago when our troubles began. Thank you so much for what you are doing for us all as a family"          Adoptive Father.

"When I look back three years and see what you have done and achieved with this family, I cannot believe the success" Social Worker.

" To Annie. Thank you for believing in my boys and giving us hope" - Adoptive Mother.




Testimonials  -  Katrina Cole

"I first met Katrina approximately 25 years ago in the capacity of a Youth Theatre Director. Katrina is totally dedicated to each project that she has the pleasure to be involved in. She is an inspirational teacher & leader, devoted to her team/project and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to both learn and work with her, which, in turn, has given me the skill set and confidence to run my own dance school and productions. Katrina has a fantastic way of meeting children on a level that inspires them and brings out the best in them.  Many have gone on to perform professionally in both theatre and film."


Michele Baker ABBO, RTS, Dipl.,

Principal - Elite Dance - Brighton.


"I was first introduced to Katrina Cole in 2003 when I was working with the writer of a theatre musical that Katrina was staging and directing for the theatre company she was involved with. Needless to say, the production was  absolutely amazing.

I have always found Katrina to be a true professional, committed and dedicated to every project. I have worked on many global projects and found the way Katrina works is equally - if not more so - on that same level of working projects.

I was fortunate enough to work on many other successful productions that Katrina has directed. I then worked further with Katrina on other endeavours as a graphics designer and consultant. If I had to choose words that would summarise Katrina they would be: endearing,committed, professional and driven......


RICHARD ALLEN  - Producer/ Consultant/ Engineer


"Katrina is an exceptionally gifted and talented person with highly developed skills in management, entrepreneurship and conceptualization. I would happily have her in my "Scrap Heap Challenge Team" anyday........... knowing that we would most likely be the winners!! "


ROBIN MEWES - Director Queensbury Mewes


"I met Katrina when her now late partner was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Her tireless strength and abilities to make the seemingly insurmountable conquerable and ordinary, was, to say the least, extraordinary, and her contribution to and understanding of Palliative Care, her compassion and delivery was very well received"


Jay Mockke - Specialist in Cancer and Palliative Care



"Katrina is a joy to know and have as a friend and colleague. I have had the great pleasure in knowing her for over 25 years and have never been disappointed in her committment, wisdom, ability to do and achieve... and most importantly her infallibly rock steady support."


Hannah Lovelock Ellis - Practitioner






When I met Katrina for the first time I was immediately impressed with her extraordinary ability to make one feel completely at ease and welcomed into her world. Her caring and thoughtful support of others during challenging times has often been amazingly resourceful, reassuring and always inspirational. Katrina

is able to convey a sense of safety and comfort to both young and elderly alike with genuine compassion. A formidable force and the greatest of allies.



Judith Weicz CSP

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