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We act as a catalyst to help transform people who need help, into people who can help themselves.



We believe profoundly in the ability of the creative force to heal and support people; to increase their self-belief, raise their hopes and aspirations and to open their eyes to a better world for themselves.


This is not only for the obvious members of society - the poor, the lonely and the underachievers, but also for those who appear healthy plus those who are supporters and carers.


So, who are these groups we want to reach?


  • Deprived communities

  • Carers - young and old

  • The lonely elderly

  • Dementia sufferers 

  • Those close to death

  • Those with mental health issues

  • Those with physical limitations

  • Staff working with all of the above


Where do we find them?


  • Doctors' surgeries

  • Health centres

  • NHS - arts co-ordinators

  • Hospices

  • Charities

  • Businesses


What do we offer?

  • Workshops where we combine positive psychological considerations interlaced with the making experience so that beliefs and aspirations are expressed in a finished product. 

  • Workshops where we combine creative process with an end product.

  • Workshops focussed on specific outcomes relating to individual or company outcomes.


  • One-off, intensive solution workshops

  • Continuing series of workshops for more deep rooted results.


How do we fund our work?

  • Internal wellbeing funding

  • Grant funding

  • Links with charities

  • Corporate funding - social capital to the community

  • Corporate training


How do we progress?

Develop a programme of workshops and promote them via:

  • Website

  • Social media

  • Recommendations

  • Direct link with surgeries, arts commissioners etc.

  • Direct links with companies

  • Presentation of proposals for funding to charities

  • Publicity in local papers, magazines etc.

  • Talks to relevant organisations e.g. health conferences

  • Open workshops where we invite potential clients to participate


How do we justify what we do?

  • Research into existing research on arts in health so that we can justify what we do both creatively and scientifically.

  • Examples of previous projects

  • References from former clients.


How do we assess what we do?

  • Continuous evaluation of all those invloved in the process

  • Ongoing distillation of workshops results i.e. check participants at regular intervals.








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