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This is the Sound of One Voice

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Art Is Medicine

Where mindfulness, imagination and creative expression strengthens greater self-knowledge and can guide us

to a fairer world where every living thing matters.

Evolution has so many twists and turns as we deal with the reality of being both in physical bodies and at the mercy of health risks, both personally and globally.

Oh, and the truth that our societies do little to help us deal with the one inevitable truth – mortality - and the preciousness of being alive.

This Art Is Medicine initiative emerged from one of those personal crises, and now is emerging from another but coincides with our need to manage Covid-19 and which has affected us all at so many levels.

For me, the deep relationship with poor health had started in October 2019 when a parent, who was struggling to look at his own issues and how they were affecting his adopted child’s disturbed behaviour, shouted in my face, “Why should I listen to you when you are not even speaking coherently yourself!”

Mindfulness being at the heart of my work, I checked out his point and found he was correct, my words were not coherent. At this point, my vision quickly began to distort.

Within a week, I was diagnosed with a fast growing and rare, brain tumour; had had a biopsy, which still leaves a permanent dent in my skull, and spent many months hospital being treated and was given a very poor prognosis.

And the long journey with cancer had taken over my life, the lives of those who loved me and the people I had been working with professionally.

Over the next few weeks, I shall be sharing with you some of the ways I, and those I care about, have been affected - in the hope that, as we begin to recover from the impact of Covid-19, personal experiences can help and inspire others to realise we can change this global environmental and hold effective boundaries to the powers that are at the core of where we find ourselves now.

As we face the truth that how we, as human beings, are living on this planet, is putting us all at profound risk, and is in danger of threatening our children and grandchildren’s chance of experiencing what it means to know love and be well; as well as denying life to everything else.

I was born in the early 1950’s on the tsunami of two previous world wars,

when ordinary folk decided to say,

“Never again!”

A fairer world where community, and taxes brought us, the Baby Boomers - with all the blame they now incur. At the end of the last century, a million people marched in our capital and in other parts of the world with the simple message

“Not in my name,”

but to no avail.

I shall be sharing what I have learned from my direct experience from my close and intimate dance with death over the next few weeks on the website:

Please join me if you’d like to read and get involved with the voice of one elder who understands that greater understanding of how one’s personal growth and an alliance with the how this planet has already transformed itself, can overthrow the balance of world power that dominates us all and our home currently.

“This is the sound of one voice – the sound of one who makes a choice.

This is the sound of all of us – one people one voice.

One voice – The Wailin’ Jennys.

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