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Children and Families


Yin Yang Moongate Garden

This installation is within the grounds of Art is Medicine's home at The Turning Point.   It offers visitors the experience of both sanctuary and a space to breath and reflect on their inner world.


Here you can take your time to contemplate whatever challenges you from a place of safety and beauty.


By selecting one of the many glass marbles at each end of the path to represent what you want to achieve in any given situation, then balancing your way across the intersecting path to place it at the other side, this little ritual strengthens your resolve to get through to the better outcome you have imagined.


Or you can simply enjoy the beatiful garden and see what occurs to you as you find yourself in it!



Coast ( is an arts festival now in its 10th year.  Art is Medicine opened its grounds to allow children and families to get involved in Mindfulness and story telling. What is accessed in children's imaginations leads naturally on to creative expression. The theory behind the theme of dragons allowed participants to imagine the magic that occurs when the reptilian brain is given the opportunity to fly when combined with the creative imagination.  A dragon ally emerges.  An ongoing mosaic was created each day over the week-long festival. A real sense of sanctuary was the children's felt experience as much as it was for the adults.

V & A Museum in London worked in collaboration with the Children’s Society to provide a range of creative workshops for vulnerable children to participate in. The theme was based around the Museum’s exhibition of ceremonial processions carried out by Mughal Princes. Each group of children created banners exemplifying modern day equivalent of the processions with their work becoming part of the exhibition. The children were then invited ot private view to see their work displayed and featured.

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