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Recording of The Turning Point Crystal Bowl 

Soul's Entry - Bronze Sculpture by Annie Lloyd

Our Ethos

We are a consortium of therapists, artists and, creatives with therapeutic skills, who believe in the importance of body-centred, Mindfulness. The importance of therapeutic intervention and creative support is part of what encourages the brain to release its trauma.  Our intention is to empower people to use their individual, creative force to improve thus enhancing their life experience.


We understand the stress experienced by those who care for others: both professionally or privately.  

We acknowledge the depression and isolation felt by those who are cared for and are facing their own life and death issues.

We recognize and embrace the challenges that many people today - young and old - have to face and can offer support and well defined & designed practical, programmes. Our services offer a variety of skills and experience.  Some of what we do can be replicated, others are created specifically for the challenge.

We can deliver effective and evidence based services and therapeutic support


So, Art is Medicine - Helps the Healers, Comforts the Carers, Supports the Sick through a range of workshop experiences.   A combination of techniques are combined with creative making skills, By creating a visual and easily noticed talisman reminds the wearer to use their learnt coping strategies.   Within these planned projects, people build an inner sustainability and self belief so that the combination of Mindfulness and their personal creative experience can continue once Art is Medicine has left.

 Much of what we offer now can be purchased through the website, but appointments can be booked for individual sessions and supervision.

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